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Other Blood Disorders: Anemia | Bleeding Disorders | Bone Marrow Disorders | Clotting Disorders | Hemoglobinopathies | Platelet Disorders | White Blood Cell Disorders

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Stem Cells

General Information
Stem Cell Information:NIH
Cloning / Embryonic Stem Cells:NHGRI

Stem Cell Therapy Other Than Blood Cell Transplantation
See Angina, Stem Cell Treatment
See Cartilage Repair
See Corneal Stem Cell Transplantation
See Heart Failure Treatment, Stem Cells
See Parkinson's Disease Treatment, Experimental Therapies
See Spinal Cord Injury, Research

Stem Cell Transplantation (Blood and Marrow)

(Jump to: Before the Transplant | The Transplant Process | After the Transplant | Children | Donor Information | General Information | Graft vs. Host Disease | Organization | Transplants for Specific Diseases | Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells )

National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)

General Information
Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation:LLS [PDF]
Understanding Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation:American Society of Clinical Oncology
Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation: Special Types of Transplantation:American Society of Clinical Oncology
Q & A about Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation:American Society of Clinical Oncology
Bone Marrow Transplantation and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation: Q & A:National Cancer Institute
Blood Stem Cell Transplants:National Cancer Institute
Bone Marrow Transplantation (Stem Cell Transplantation):UpToDate Patient Information
Blood and Marrow Transplantation Program:Stanford Medicine
Stem Cell Transplant:American Cancer Society
Bone Marrow Transplantation:MedlinePlus
Stem Cells:MedlinePlus

Bone Marrow Transplantation in Children
When Your Child Needs a Transplant:NMDP
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant :Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
In Utero Stem Cell Transplantation:Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Discovery to Recovery: A Child's Guide to Bone Marrow Transplant:NMDP

Donor Information
Join the Be the Match Registry®:NMDP
How to Become a Marrow Donor:Stanford Blood Center

Before the Transplant
How to Prepare for Your Transplant: Blood and Marrow Transplantation Program - Stanford Medicine
Transplant Education for Patients Older than 50:NMDP
Understanding Your Treatment Options:NMDP
Planning for Your Transplant:NMDP
Choosing a Transplant Center: A Patient's Guide:NMDP
Mapping the Maze: A Personal Financial Guide to Blood Stem Cell Transplant:NMDP

The Transplant Process
Donor Selection & Transplant Process:NMDP
Stem Cell Transplant:Mayo Clinic

After the Transplant
Patient Care Post-Transplant:NMDP
Side Effects of Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation:American Society of Clinical Oncology
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection: A Guide for Patients and Families after Stem Cell Transplant:NIH Clinical Center [PDF]

Graft versus Host Disease
Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD): A Guide for Patients and Families after Stem Cell Transplant:NIH Clinical Center [PDF]
Improved Management of Graft-Versus-Host Disease:NMDP

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells
Donate Cord Blood. Share Life.:NMDP
Umbilical Cord Blood:March of Dimes
Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation:LLS [PDF]
Banking Your Newborn's Cord Blood:Nemours Foundation

Index to Bone Marrow or Cord Blood Transplant for Specific Diseases
Blood-Related Cancers
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML)
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Multiple Myeloma
Bone Marrow Disorders
Aplastic Anemia
Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Immune System Disorders
Inherited Immune System Disorders
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
Metabolic Disorders
Hurler's Syndrome (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I)
Cerebral X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy
Globoid-Cell Leukodystrophy (Krabbe Disease)
Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)

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