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Coping With Cancer and Its Treatment

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Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea and Vomiting:CancerConnect
Chemotherapy Nausea and Vomiting: Prevention is Best Defense:Mayo Clinic
Coping With Nausea and Vomiting From Chemotherapy:CancerCare
Nutritional Management of Nausea / Vomiting:Stanford Cancer Center

Nervous System Problems
Numbness and Tingling (Peripheral Neuropathy):CancerConnect

Oral Complications
General Information
Three Good Reasons to See a Dentist BEFORE Cancer Treatment:NIDCR
Chemotherapy and Your Mouth:NIDCR
Head and Neck Radiation Treatment and Your Mouth:NIDCR
Dental and Oral Complications:Oral Cancer Foundation
See also Dental and Oral Health, Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Mucositis (Mouth Sores)
Mouth Sores: Cancer-related Causes and How to Cope:Mayo Clinic
Mouth Sores (Mucositis):CancerConnect
Mucositis:Oncology Nursing Society
Managing Mucositis (in children):Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Organ Problems
Cardiac Toxicity:CancerConnect
Obstruction of the Veins to the Heart (Superior Vena Cava Syndrome):CancerConsultants
Lungs & Breathing
Lung Damage (Acute Pulmonary Toxicity):CancerConsultants
Dyspnea:Oncology Nursing Society
Other Organs
Hearing Problems:CancerConnect
Kidney Damage (Acute Renal Failure):CancerConnect
Liver Damage (Hepatotoxicity):CancerConnect

General Information
Cancer Pain: Relief is Possible:Mayo Clinic
Pain Control: A Guide for People with Cancer and Their Families:NCI
Pain:Oncology Nursing Society
See also Nervous System and Brain, Pain
Pain in Children
Cancer Pain Management in Children:Texas Children's Cancer Center
Pain Management:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Sexual Problems
General Information
Reproduction and Sexuality:CancerConnect
Sexual Dysfunction:Oncology Nursing Society
Men's Issues
Cancer Treatment for Men: Possible Sexual Side Effects:Mayo Clinic
Women's Issues
Cancer Treatment for Women: Possible Sexual Side Effects:Mayo Clinic
Vaginal Dryness:CancerConnect
Vaginal Dryness and Painful Intercourse:Oncolink

Skin Problems
Managing Rash and Other Skin Reactions to Targeted Treatments:CancerCare
Dry Skin:CancerConnect
Hand-Foot Syndrome (Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia):CancerConnect
Injection Site Reaction:CancerConnect
Nail and Skin Care Tip Sheet:Oncolink
Itching (Pruritus):CancerConnect
Radiation Recall:CancerConnect

Sleeping Problems
Insomnia in the Patient with Cancer:Oncolink

Weight Changes
Weight Gain:CancerConnect
See also Eating Problems

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