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Diabetes: General Diabetes | Types of Diabetes | Diabetes Treatment & Management | Diabetic Problems

Other Endocrine Diseases: Adrenal Disorders | Hypoglycemia | Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia | Pancreatic Disorders | Parathyroid Disorders | Pituitary Disorders | Polyglandular Syndromes | Reproductive Gland Disorders | Thyroid Disorders

Other Topics: General Endocrine System | Anatomy | Diagnostic Procedures | Hormones | Surgery

Diabetes Treatment & Management

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General Information
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Diabetes Under Control:NDIC
Preventing Complications in Diabetes Mellitus:UpToDate Patient Information
Diabetes Type 2 Treatment:UpToDate Patient Information
Stanford Diabetes Care Program:Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Blood Sugar
General Information
Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers:NIDDK
Blood Glucose Control:American Diabetes Association
Monitoring:Joslin Diabetes Center
Self-Blood Glucose Monitoring:UpToDate Patient Information
Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices:FDA
Getting Up to Date on Glucose Meters:FDA

Life Style Changes
General Information
Diabetes mellitus type 2: Alcohol, Exercise, and Medical Care:UpToDate Patient Information
See also Nutritional Diseases, Obesity, Weight Loss
What I Need to Know About Physical Activity and Diabetes:NDIC
Tips for Increasing Physical Activity:Joslin Diabetes Center
Fitness:American Diabetes Association
What I Need to Know About Eating and Diabetes:NDIC
Diabetes and Nutrition:Joslin Diabetes Center
Food:American Diabetes Association
Diabetic Diet:MedlinePlus

What I Need to Know About Diabetes Medicines:NDIC
Medication:American Diabetes Association
Diabetes Type 1: Insulin Treatment:UpToDate Patient Information
Diabetes Type 2: Insulin Treatment:UpToDate Patient Information
Intensive Insulin Therapy: Achieving Tight Blood Sugar Control:Mayo Clinic
Alternative Devices for Taking Insulin:NDIC
Insulin Pumps:Diabetes Forecast/American Diabetes Association
Other Medications
Oral Medications:Joslin Diabetes Center
Oral Medication:American Diabetes Association

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies for Diabetes:NDIC

Islet Cell Transplantation
Pancreatic Islet Transplantation:NIDDK
Islet Cell Transplantation:MedlinePlus

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