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Diabetes: General Diabetes | Types of Diabetes | Diabetes Treatment & Management | Diabetic Problems

Other Endocrine Diseases: Adrenal Disorders | Hypoglycemia | Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia | Pancreatic Disorders | Parathyroid Disorders | Pituitary Disorders | Polyglandular Syndromes | Reproductive Gland Disorders | Thyroid Disorders

Other Topics: General Endocrine System | Anatomy | Diagnostic Procedures | Hormones | Surgery

Diabetic Problems

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General Information
Preventing Complications in Diabetes Mellitus:UpToDate Patient Information
6 Tips for Avoiding Complications From Diabetes:Joslin Diabetes Center
Diabetes and Menopause: A Twin Challenge:Mayo Clinic
Diabetes Complications:MedlinePlus

Diabetic Cardiovascular Problems
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Heart and Bloods Vessels Healthy:NDIC
Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke:NDIC
Diabetes and Heart Disease – An Intimate Connection:Joslin Diabetes Center
7 Tips for Preventing Heart Disease: Joslin Diabetes Center
Heart Disease:American Diabetes Association

Diabetic Eye Problems
General Information
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Eyes Healthy:NDIC
5 Tips for Preserving Your Vision: Joslin Diabetes Center
Advances in Treating & Preventing Eye Disease Associated with Diabetes:Joslin Diabetes Center
Diabetic Eye Problems:MedlinePlus
Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetic Retinopathy: What You Need to Know:Joslin Diabetes Center
Diabetic Retinopathy:National Eye Institute
Vitrectomy, see Eye Diseases, Retinal Surgery

Diabetic Foot Problems
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Feet and Skin Healthy:NDIC
Foot Care in Diabetes:UpToDate Patient Information
Foot Care:Joslin Diabetes Center
Foot Care:American Diabetes Association

Diabetic Kidney Problems
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Kidneys Healthy:NDIC
Kidney Disease of Diabetes:NDIC
Kidney Disease:American Diabetes Association
Diabetic Kidney Problems:MedlinePlus

Diabetic Nerve Problems
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Nervous System Healthy:NDIC
Diabetic Neuropathies: The Nerve Damage of Diabetes:NDIC
Diabetic Neuropathy: What You Need to Know:Joslin Diabetes Center
Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerve Damage) - An Update:Joslin Diabetes Center
Gastroparesis and Diabetes:NDIC
Nerve Damage:American Diabetes Association
Diabetic Nerve Problems:MedlinePlus
See also Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System Disorders, Autonomic Neuropathy
See also Nervous System, Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Diabetic Oral Health Problems
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy:NDIC
Oral Health & Oral Hygiene:American Diabetes Association

Diabetic Sexual Problems
Sexual and Urologic Problems of Diabetes:NDIC
Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: Take Control Today:Mayo Clinic
Sexual Dysfunction and Diabetes:Joslin Diabetes Center
Men's Sexual Health:American Diabetes Association

Diabetic Skin Problems
Prevent Diabetes Problems, Keep Your Feet and Skin Healthy:NDIC
Skin Complications:American Diabetes Association

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