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Ears, Nose and Throat

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Nose & Sinus: Anatomy | Surgery | Nasal Sprays & Washes | Nose Disorders | Sinusitis

Throat: Anatomy | Diagnostic Procedures | Surgery | Laryngeal and Voice Disorders | Throat Disorders

Other Topics: General Ears, Nose and Throat | Smell and Taste Disorders

Compensating for Hearing Loss

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General Information
Understanding Hearing Loss:Hearing Loss Association of America

Find an Audiologist
Audiology;Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Audiology Clinic:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital [Pediatric]
Find an Audiologist:American Academy of Audiology
Find a Professional:Online Directory of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Programs:ASHA

Hearing Aids
General Information
Hearing Devices:Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Hearing Aids:NIDCD
Hearing Aids:How to Choose the Right One:Mayo Clinic
Hearing Aids:ASHA
Hearing Aids for Adults:ASHA
Hearing Aids for Children:ASHA
Buying a Hearing Aid
Buying a Hearing Aid:AAO-HNS
Steps to Obtaining Hearing Aids:Cleveland Clinic
Buying a Hearing Aid:Federal Trade Commission

Implantable Hearing Aids:Columbia University Medical Center
Cochlear Implants:NIDCD
Cochlear Implants:AAO-HNS
Cochlear Implants:Columbia University Medical Center
The Mind Hears: Tuning in With a Cochlear Implant:ASHA
Sound from Silence: The Development of Cochlear Implants:National Academy of Sciences

Assistive Devices
Beyond the Hearing Aid: Assistive Devices:Cleveland Clinic
Assistive Communication Devices:Columbia University Medical Center
Assistive Technology:ASHA
Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (CTAP/DDTP): California Public Utilities Commission
Facts About Telecommunications Relay Services and National 711:NIDCD
Video Relay Service:FCC

Aural Rehabilitation
Adult Aural/Audiologic Rehabilitation:ASHA
Aural/Audiologic Rehabilitation for Children:ASHA

Captions for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Viewers:NIDCD
Captioning for Access:National Association of the Deaf

Oral Deaf Education
Oral Deaf Education:Columbia University Medical Center

Sign Language
American Sign Language:NIDCD
American Sign Language:National Association of the Deaf

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