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Testicular and Scrotal Diseases

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General Information
Disorders of the Testes:Cleveland Clinic
Swelling in the Scrotum:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Testicular Pain:eMedicine Consumer Health
How to Do a Testicular Self-Examination:Testicular Cancer Resource Center
Diagnosis and Treatment of the Acute Scrotum:American Academy of Family Physicians
Testicular Disorders:MedlinePlus

Specific Disorders
See Cancer, Testicular Cancer
Hydrocele:Mayo Clinic
See Endocrine System, Reproductive Gland Disorders
Infection / Inflammation
Epididymitis:Mayo Clinic
Orchitis:Mayo Clinic
Autoimmune Orchitis:Johns Hopkins Autoimmune Disease Research Center
Testicular Trauma:American Urological Association
Scrotal Masses:Mayo Clinic
Testicular Masses:American Academy of Family Physicians
Retractile Testicle
Retractile Testicle:Mayo Clinic
Testicular Torsion
Testicular Torsion: What You Should Know:American Academy of Family Physicians
Testicular Torsion:American Urological Association
Neonatal Testicular Torsion:American Urological Association
Undescended Testicle
Undescended Testis:American Urological Association
Varicocele:Mayo Clinic
Varicoceles:American Urological Association

Diagnostic Tests for Testicular Disease
Testicular Biopsy:MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Scrotal Ultrasound:Radiology Society of North America

Testicular Surgery
Inguinal Orchiectomy:Testicular Cancer Resource Center

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