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Musculoskeletal System

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Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases: Arthritis, in General | Specific Types of Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases

Other Musculoskeletal Diseases: Bone Diseases | Bursitis | Cartilage Diseases | Muscular Dystrophy | Tendinitis | Other Muscle Diseases

Disorders of the: Ankle | Arm | Elbow | Foot | Hand | Hip | Knee | Leg | Shoulder | Spine (Neck and Back) | Wrist

Other Topics: General Musculoskeletal | Anatomy | Diagnostic Procedures | Surgery

Hand Disorders

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Specific Hand Disorders: Arthritis | Cysts | Dupuytren's Contracture | Infections | Writer's Cramp )

Anatomy of the Hand
Hand Anatomy:Orthogate

Find a Hand Doctor
Hand & Upper Limb Surgery:Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Pediatric Hand & Upper Limb Surgery:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
Find a Hand Surgeon:American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)

General Information About Hand Disorders
Hand/Wrist/Arm Problems, Self-Care Flowchart:American Academy of Family Physicians
Hands in Systemic Disease:ASSH
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injection of the Wrist and Hand Region:American Academy of Family Physicians
Hand Injuries and Disorders:MedlinePlus

Hand Pain
Finger Pain:MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Hand Injuries
Acute Finger Injuries: Part I. Tendons and Ligaments:American Academy of Family Physicians
Acute Finger Injuries: Part II. Fractures, Dislocations, and Thumb Injuries:American Academy of Family Physicians
Finger Injuries:eMedicine Consumer Health
Hand and Wrist Injuries: Part I. Nonemergent Evaluation:American Academy of Family Physicians
Hand and Wrist Injuries: Part II. Emergent Evaluation:American Academy of Family Physicians
Fingertip Injuries/Amputations:AAOS
Amputation of the Hand or Finger and Prosthetics:ASSH
Replantation (of a finger, hand or toe):AAOS
Hand Fracture Treatment: Simple to Complex:ASSH
Fracture of the Finger:AAOS
Thumb Fractures:AAOS
Nerve Injuries
Nerve Injuries:AAOS
Extensor Tendon Injuries
Extensor Tendon Injuries:ASSH
Boutonniere Deformity:Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery
Boutonniere Deformity of the Finger:Orthogate
Mallet Finger (Baseball Finger):AAOS
Mallet Finger Injuries:Orthogate
Flexor Tendon Injuries
Flexor Tendon Injuries:ASSH
Flexor Tendon Injuries:Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery
Trigger Finger (Stenosing Tenosynovitis):ASSH
Trigger Finger and Trigger Thumb:Orthogate
Trigger Finger (Flexor Tendinitis):Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery
Other Finger Injuries
Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries of the Thumb (Gamekeeper's Thumb or Skier's Thumb):Orthogate
PIP Joint Injuries of the Finger:Orthogate
Thumb Sprains:ASSH
Swan Neck Deformity of the Finger:Orthogate

Arthritis of the Hand
Arthritis: Base of Thumb:ASSH
Arthritis: Osteoarthritis:ASSH
Arthritis: MP Joint:ASSH
Arthritis: Rheumatoid Arthritis:ASSH
Arthritis of the Finger Joints:Orthogate
Arthritis of the Thumb:AAOS
Arthritis of the Thumb:Orthogate

Mucous Cysts of the Fingers:Orthogate
Digital Mucous or Myxoid Cyst:New Zealand Dermatological Society

Dupuytren's Contracture
Dupuytren’s Contracture:Orthogate
Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery:Orthogate

Infections of the Hand

Writer's Cramp (Hand Dystonia)
Writer's Cramp (Hand Dystonia):Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
Focal Hand Dystonia:Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

Hand Surgery
Finger Joint Replacement
Artificial Joint Replacement of the Finger:Orthogate
Artificial Joint Replacement of the Thumb:Orthogate
Other Hand Surgery
Finger Fusion Surgery:Orthogate
Thumb Fusion Surgery:Orthogate
Excision Arthroplasty of the Thumb:Orthogate
See also specific hand disorders above

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