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Epilepsy Foundation

General Information
About Epilepsy: Epilepsy Foundation
Seizures and Epilepsy: Hope Through Research:NINDS
Non-epileptic Seizures, see Neurological Manifestations, Seizures
Information for Families & Caregivers:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Understanding Seizure Dogs:AAN
Curing Epilepsy: The Promise of Research:NINDS
Epilepsy:Society for Neuroscience

Epilepsy in Children
Children:Epilepsy Foundation
Seizures in Children:UpToDate Patient Information
Epilepsy:Nemours Foundation [for Kids]
Information for Kids:Epilepsy Therapy Project

Epilepsy in Teens
Teenagers:Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy:Nemours Foundation [for Teens]

Epilepsy in Seniors
Elderly:Epilepsy Foundation
Information for Seniors:Epilepsy Therapy Project

Epilepsy in Women
Women and Epilepsy:Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy in Women:American Academy of Family Physicians
Information for Women:Epilepsy Therapy Project
See also Pregnancy and Childbirth, Risks to Pregnancy, Epilepsy

Types of Seizures
Seizures and Syndromes:Epilepsy Foundation
Types of Seizures:Epilepsy Foundation
Absence Seizures
Absence Seizures (Petit Mal):Epilepsy Foundation
Absence Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Childhood Absence Epilepsy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Juvenile Absence Epilepsy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Atypical Absence Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Atonic Seizures (Drop Attacks)
Atonic Seizures:Epilepsy Foundation
Atonic Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Febrile Seizures
Febrile Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Febrile Seizures Fact Sheet:NINDS
Febrile Seizures:UpToDate Patient Information
Myoclonic Seizures
Myoclonic Seizures:Epilepsy Foundation
Myoclonic Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Partial Seizures
Partial Seizures:Epilepsy Foundation
Simple Partial Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Complex Partial Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Frontal Lobe Epilepsy:Epilepsy Foundation
Frontal Lobe Epilepsy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Autosomal Dominant Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy:GeneReviews
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy:Epilepsy Foundation
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy:Angioma Alliance
Secondarily Generalized Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Autosomal Dominant Partial Epilepsy with Auditory Features:GeneReviews
Tonic Clonic Seizures
Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizures (Grand Mal):Epilepsy Foundation
Tonic-clonic Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Clonic Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Tonic Seizures:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Pyridoxine-Dependent Seizures
Pyridoxine-Dependent Epilepsy:Genetics Home Reference, NLM
Pyridoxine 5'-Phosphate-Dependent Epilepsy:Genetics Home Reference, NLM
Pyridoxine-Dependent Seizures:GeneReviews
Reflex Epilepsies
Reflex Epilepsies:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Seizure Triggers and Precipitants:Epilepsy Foundation
Photosensitivity and Seizures:Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy Syndromes
Seizures and Syndromes:Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy Syndromes:Epilepsy Foundation
Benign Rolandic Epilepsy
Benign Rolandic Epilepsy:Epilepsy Foundation
Benign Rolandic Epilepsy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome:Epilepsy Foundation
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome:NIDCD
Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome:Epilepsy Foundation
Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Rasmussen's Syndrome
Rasmussens' Syndrome:Epilepsy Foundation
Rasmussens' Syndrome:Epilepsy Therapy Project
See also CNS Infections, Rasmussen's Encephalitis
Infantile Spasms (West Syndrome)
Infantile Spasms/West Syndrome:Epilepsy Foundation
Infantile Spasms:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsies
Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsies:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Dravet Syndrome (Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy):NINDS
Unverricht-Lundburg Disease:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Unverricht-Lundborg Disease (Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy 1):GeneReviews
Lafora Disease (Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy, Lafora-type):Madisons Foundation
Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy, Lafora Type:GeneReviews
Mitochondrial Disorders:Epilepsy Therapy Project
MELAS, see Metabolic Diseases, Mitochondrial Disease
MERRF, see Metabolic Diseases, Mitochondrial Disease
Other Syndromes
Hypothalamic Hamartoma:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Ohtahara Syndrome:NINDS
Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome:Epilepsy Therapy Project

Treatment of Epilepsy
General Treatment Information
How Can Epilepsy Be Treated?:NINDS
Treatment:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Treatment of Seizures in Children:UpToDate Patient Information
Finding a Physician Who Specializes in Epilepsy Treatment:Epilepsy Foundation
Stanford Epilepsy Center:Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Medications:Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy Medications:Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center
Stopping Seizure Medications in Children: When is it Safe?:American Academy of Neurology
Ketogenic Diet:Epilepsy Foundation
Ketogenic Diet:Epilepsy Therapy Project
More information on the Ketogenic Diet:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Modified Atkins Diet:Epilepsy Therapy Project
MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerice) Diet:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy:Epilepsy Foundation
Vagus Nerve Stimulation:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Vagus Nerve Stimulation:AANS
Surgical Treatment
General Information
Surgery:Epilepsy Foundation
Surgery:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Epilepsy Surgery: A Viable Option:Mayo Clinic
Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy:Massachusetts General Hospital
Memory Problems After Epilepsy Surgery:AAN
Corpus Callosotomy
Corpus Callosotomy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Deep Brain Stimulation
Deep Brain Stimulation:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Deep Brain Stimulation:AANS
Hemispherectomy:Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center
Hemispherectomy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Multiple Subpial Transection
Multiple Subpial
Multiple Subpial Transection:WebMD
Frontal Lobectomy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Parietal and Occipital Lobectomies:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Temporal Lobectomy:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Temporal Lobectomy Surgical Procedure:Stanford Epilepsy Center
Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Complementary Therapies:Epilepsy Foundation
Herbal Medicines:Epilepsy Therapy Project
Complementary/Alternative Medicine for Epilepsy:AAN

Genetics of Epilepsy
Genetics and Epilepsy:Epilepsy Foundation
SCN1A-Related Seizure Disorders:GeneReviews
See also Types of Seizures and Epilepsy Syndromes above

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