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Nervous System and Brain

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Signs and Symptoms: Neurologic Manifestations | Pain | Information Processing Disorders | Language Disorders | Learning Disorders | Perceptual Disorders

Central Nervous System: Brain Diseases | Brain Injury | Infections | Malformations | Spinal Cord Diseases | Spinal Cord Injury

Other Diseases and Disorders: Autoimmune Nervous System Diseases | Autonomic Nervous System Diseases | Cranial Nerve Disorders | Degenerative Nervous System Diseases | Dementias | Headache and Migraine | Motor Neuron Diseases | Movement Disorders | Peripheral Nerve Disorders | Sleep Disorders

Other Topics: General Nervous System and Brain | Anatomy | Diagnostic Procedures | Neural Transplantation | Surgery

Neurologic Manifestations

(Jump to: Amnesia | Apraxia | Coma | Delirium | Dizziness | Fainting (Syncope) | Pain | Paralysis | Paresthesia | Seizures

Involuntary Muscle Movements: Dyskinesia | Fasciculations | Myoclonus | Tardive Dyskinesia | Tics | Tremor

Neuromuscular Manifestations:Hypertonia | Hypotonia | Myotonia | Spasticity )

Amnesia:Mayo Clinic
Dissociative Amnesia:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Transient Global Amnesia:Mayo Clinic

Apraxia (Inability to Execute Movements)
Apraxia of Speech, see Language Disorders

Stupor and Coma:Merck Manual, Home Edition
See also Brain Injury

Delirium:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Delirium Tremens:MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

General Information
Dizziness:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Balance Disorders:NIDCD
Age-related Dizziness and Imbalance:Vestibular Disorders Association
Dizziness Caused by Inner Ear Disorders
See Ears, Nose and Throat, Balance Disorders
Other Causes of Dizziness
Dizziness, Vertigo, Disequilibrium:Vestibular Disorders Association
Cervicogenic Dizziness (dizziness with neck pain):Vestibular Disorders Association
Eplleptic Vertigo:American Hearing Research Foundation
Migraine Associated Vertigo:American Hearing Research Foundation
Post-Traumatic Vertigo:American Hearing Research Foundation

Dyskinesia (Involuntary Muscle Movement)
See Movement Disorders, Chorea
Fasciculations (Muscle Twitching)
Muscle Twitching:MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Myoclonus (Muscle Jerking)
Myoclonus:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Myoclonus Fact Sheet:NINDS
Paroxysmal Dyskinesia
See Movement Disorders, Paryoxysmal Dyskinesias
Tardive Dyskinesia
Tardive Dyskinesia:NINDS
Tardive Dyskinesia:National Alliance on Mental Illness
Tics:Merck Manual, Home Edition
See also Tourette Syndrome
Tremor:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Tremor Fact Sheet:NINDS
See also Movement Disorders, Essential Tremor

Fainting (Syncope)
Fainting:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Syncope:UpToDate Patient Information
Syncope:American Heart Association

Neuromuscular Manifestations
Hypertonia (Increased Muscle Tension)
See also Brain Damage, Cerebral Palsy
See also Movement Disorders, Dystonia
Hypotonia (Decreased Muscle Tension)
Myotonia (Slow Relaxation)
See Musculoskeletal System, Muscle Diseases

See Pain

Alternating Hemiplegia:NINDS
Locked-In Syndrome:NINDS
Periodic Paralysis, see Musculoskeletal System, Muscle Diseases
Todd's Paralysis:NINDS

Paresthesia (Numbness & Tingling)
Numbness and Tingling:MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Seizures Instruction Sheet:Nemours Foundation
Seizure Disorders:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Nonepileptic Seizures:Epilepsy Foundation
Febrile Seizures, see Brain Diseases, Epilepsy Syndromes
See also Brain Diseases, Epilepsy

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