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Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Pregnancy (General)

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General Information
Home Pregnancy Tests: Can You Trust the Results?:Mayo Clinic
Pregnancy Choices: Raising the Baby, Adoption and Abortion:ACOG

Atlas of the Body: Female Reproduction -- Pregnancy:American Medical Association
Anatomy:Fetus in Utero:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Pregnancy Step-by-Step
How Your Baby Grows During Pregnancy:ACOG
The First Trimester:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
The Second Trimester:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
The Third Trimester:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
Fetal Development: What Happens During the First Trimester (0-12 Weeks)?:Mayo Clinic
Fetal Development: What Happens During the Second Trimester (13-27 Weeks)?:Mayo Clinic
Fetal Development: What Happens During the Third Trimester (28-40 Weeks)?:Mayo Clinic
A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar:Nemours Foundation

Pregnancy Topics
Medical Care
Medical Care During Pregnancy:Nemours Foundation
Are X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?
Vaccinations, see Risks to Pregnancy, Infections
Prenatal Care:MedlinePlus
Mental Health
Depression During Pregnancy:March of Dimes
Stress:March of Dimes
Pregnancy and Mental Health:Stanford Center for Neuroscience in Women’s Health
See also Mental Health and Behavior, Depression in Women
See also Postpartum Depression
Physical Changes
Physical Changes in a Pregnant Woman:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Breast Changes:March of Dimes
Gum and Teeth Changes:March of Dimes
Hair Changes:March of Dimes
Skin Changes:March of Dimes
Skin Conditions During Pregnancy:ACOG
Swelling:March of Dimes
Sex During Pregnancy:March of Dimes
Sex During Pregnancy:Mayo Clinic
Unplanned Pregnancy
Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Weight Gain
Weight Gain:March of Dimes
Work & Travel
Workplace Issues:March of Dimes
Working During Pregnancy: Do's and Don'ts:Mayo Clinic
Travel During Pregnancy:ACOG
Index to Other Pregnancy Topics
Discomforts Nutrition
Drugs Prenatal Tests
Exercise Risks to Pregnancy
Later-Age Pregnancy   Teenage Pregnancy
Pregnancy Loss

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