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Urinary Incontinence & Bladder Control

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General Information
Causes and Natural History of Bladder Control Problems:AUA Foundation
Your Medicines and Bladder Control:NIDDK
Nerve Disease and Bladder Control:NIDDK
Talking to Your Health Care Team About Bladder Control:NIDDK
Urinary Incontinence in Women:UpToDate Patient Information
Stress Incontinence:National Association for Continence
Urgency Incontinence / Overactive Bladder:National Association for Continence
Urinary Incontinence: MedlinePlus

Urinary Incontinence in Children
See Children's Health, Bedwetting

Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly
Eldercare at Home - Incontinence:Foundation for Health in Aging
Diagnostic Evaluation of Urinary Incontinence in Geriatric Patients:American Academy of Family Physicians

Urinary Incontinence in Men
Urinary Incontinence in Men:NIDDK

Urinary Incontinence in Women
Urinary Incontinence in Women:NIDDK
Pregnancy, Childbirth and Bladder Control:NIDDK
Menopause and Bladder Control: NIDDK
Urinary Incontinence (in Women):American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Urinary Incontinence in Women: Evaluation and Management:American Academy of Family Physicians

Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Treatment (of Stress Incontinence):National Association for Continence
Treatment (of Urge Incontinence):National Association for Continence
Urinary Incontinence Treatments for Women:UpToDate Patient Information
Find an Expert:National Association for Continence
Behavioral Methods
Bladder Training for Urinary
Kegel Exercises
Kegel Exercise Tips:NIDDK
Understanding Bladder Control Medications:eMedicine Consumer Health
Overactive Bladder Drugs:Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs
Newer Agents for the Management of Overactive Bladder:American Academy of Family Physicians
Surgery Overviews
Urinary Incontinence Surgery: When Other Treatments Aren't Enough:Mayo Clinic
Surgical Management of Urinary Incontinence:AUA Foundation
Surgery for Men or Women
Urethral Bulking for Urinary Incontinence:WebMD
Sacral Nerve Stimulation:National Association for Continence
Surgery for Men
Artifical Sphincter for Urinary Incontinence in Men:WebMD
Surgery for Women
Surgery for Urinary Incontinence (in Women):American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Sling Surgery is More Effective than Burch for Bladder Control in Women:NIDDK
Bladder Neck Needle Suspension for Urinary Incontinence in Women:Cochrane Library
Retropubic Suspension for Urinary Incontinence in Women (Burch and Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz):WebMD

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