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Vulvar Diseases

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Disorders of the Vulva:ACOG

Vulvar Pain
Vulvodynia:Mayo Clinic
What Is Vulvodynia?:National Vulvodynia Association

Vulvar-Vaginal Disorders
Contact Vulvitis:University of Iowa Health Care
Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Vaginal Lichen Planus:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Vulvar/Anal Lichen Sclerosis:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Lichen Simplex:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Vestibulitis:Univerity of Iowa Health Care

Other Vulvar Disorders
Vulvar Cysts:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Vulvar Dystrophies:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Vulvitis:Univerity of Iowa Health Care
Vulvar Cancer, see Cancer, Vulvar Cancer

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