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Injuries & First Aid

Health Library link National Center for Injury Prevention & Control:CDC
Health Library link Injuries:MedlinePlus
Instruction Sheets (for Common Childhood Accidents and Emergencies):Nemours Foundation
Stanford Health Library link First Aid and Safety Topics:Nemours Foundation
Stanford Health Library link Emergency Medical Services:MedlinePlus
Stanford Health Library link First Aid:MedlinePlus

Stanford Health Library link CPR:MedlinePlus

Heimlich Maneuver
Stanford Health Library link Heimlich Maneuver:MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia


1-800-222-1222 (Poison Control Centers Hotline)
First Aid Tips for Poisoning:American Association of Poison Control Centers
Poisoning:Merck Manual, Home Edition
Foodborne Illness:MedlinePlus
Household Products:MedlinePlus
Household Products Database: Health & Safety Information on Household Products:NLM

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