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General Information
Foreign Bodies in the Ear, Nose, and Airway:Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
What to Do If Your Child Swallows Something:American Academy of Family Physicians
Product Recalls by the
Safety Issues:MedlinePlus

Auto Safety
Auto Safety (for infants and children):Nemours Foundation
Child Safety Seat Counseling: Three Keys to Safety:American Association of Family Physicians
Driving After a Stroke: What Helps Grandma Drive Safely?:American Academy of Neurology
Vehicle Safety Information:National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Motor Vehicle Safety:MedlinePlus

Child Safety: How to Prevent Falls:Mayo Clinic
Falls Instruction Sheet:Nemours Foundation
Older Adults
Falls Prevention: 6 Ways to Reduce Your Falling Risk:Mayo Clinic
Farewell to Falls Program: Stanford University Medical Center
Farewell to Falls Home Safety Checklist: Stanford University Medical Center [PDF]

Gun Safety
Gun Safety:Nemours Foundation

Household Safety
Childproofing and Preventing Household Accidents:Nemours Foundation
Household Safety Checklists:Nemours Foundation

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