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Contributions of Surgery to Breast Cancer Survivorship
Treatment for breast cancer includes many modalities. This talk focuses on the appropriate use of surgery as a treatment and its outcomes.
Speaker: Irene Wapnir, MD

Know the Facts: Controversies in Screening for Women's Cancer
Recent changes announced for screening guidelines for breast and cervical cancers created a media firestorm that confused women and divided physicians and cancer groups. Physicians in the Breast and Gynecologic Oncology Programs that comprise the Stanford Women's Cancer Program have extensive expertise in the area of screening for women's cancer. These physicians highlight the controversial issues and review the data upon which the recommendations were made.
Speakers: Robert Carlson, MD; Jonathan S. Berek, MD, MMS; Debra M. Ikeda, MD

Latest Advances in Lung Cancer Screening and Treatment
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. This talk addresses new lung cancer screening guidelines for former heavy smokers as well as the newest approaches to lung cancer treatment including minimally invasive surgery, targeted medical therapies and highly precise radiation therapy.
Speakers: Bill Loo, MD, PhD, Joe Shrager, MD, Daya Upadhyay, MD, Heather Wakelee, MD

Lymphedema: New and Emerging Treatments
This talk focuses on the new and emerging treatments for lymphedema, the swelling that occurs when a blockage in the lymphatic system prevents the lymph fluid in the arm or leg from draining adequately.
Speaker: Stanley Rockson, MD

Nutrition and Cancer: Myths and Legends
When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the search is on for information. People look to something they can control, like food. There are often misconceptions out there regarding food which can be confusing. This talk focuses on some of these "questionable" foods/nutrients and help you understand the real story.
Speaker: Erika Connor, RD, CSO

Ovarian Cancer — Current and Novel Treatment Strategies
This talk focuses on the current state of the art treatment of ovarian cancer. New treatment options for ovarian cancer patients are presented, including clinical trials available at the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center.
Speaker: Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD

Prostate Cancer: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Stanford's urology department zeros in on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options for prostate cancer.
Speaker: James Brooks, MD
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Robotic Surgery for Cancer Treatment
Robotic systems were first used to remove prostate cancer, then adapted for kidney cancer and bladder cancer procedures, which are more complex because of the variation in surgical anatomy, size and shape of tumors. The benefits of robotic surgery for a patient include decreased blood loss, nerve sparing and shorter hospital stay. This talk will focus on the latest advances in robotic surgery for the treatment of these cancers.
Speaker: Mark Gonzalgo, MD

Using the Immune System to Treat Cancer
Immunotherapy is the newest modality of treatment of cancer and researchers have great expectations for it becoming one of the most effective treatments. Dr. Levy describes how doctors at Stanford are using immune therapy in the treatment of cancer.
Speaker: Ron Levy, MD

What Every Woman Needs to Know about Breast Reconstruction -- Updated 2013
Breast reconstruction is performed to build a complete new breast or to correct breast problems that may arise from breast cancer, trauma, congenital abnormalities, or cosmetic procedures. This talk covers the newest techniques.
Speaker: Gordon Lee, MD


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