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Mental Health

Depression, Delirium & Dementia: What Should We Be Doing?
This lecture covers such topics as: knowledge of resources; treatments; the benefits of early diagnosis and interventions for depression; and post-operative delirium in the hospital. Dr. Sommer also advises about assessment of capacity, and depression and its medical and non pharmacological treatment.
Speaker: Barbara Sommer, MD


Familial Mood Disorders
Depression and bipolar disorders can be passed down in families but are more common in women. See what can be done to treat mood disorders and associated reproductive dysfunction.
Speaker: Natalie L. Rasgon, MD, PhD
Sleeping Well as We Age
A common misperception is that we do not need as much sleep as we age -- but it turns out that we need a good night's sleep throughout our lifespan. This talk focuses on the mechanism of sleep, addressing misconceptions about sleep and the practical things we can do to promote healthy sleep habits as we age.
Speaker: Rachel Manber, PhD


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