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Life Beyond Salt
Sticking to a low- or no-sodium diet does not mean you can't enjoy flavorful foods. Food blogger Jessica Goldman describes who she learned to change her diet without sacrificing taste.
Speaker: Jessica Goldman

Nutrition and Cancer: Myths and Legends
When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the search is on for information. People look to something they can control, like food. There are often misconceptions out there regarding food which can be confusing. This talk focuses on some of these "questionable" foods/nutrients and help you understand the real story.
Speaker: Erika Connor, RD, CSO

Solution to the Omnivore's Dilemma
Many of us currently face the dilemma of being overwhelmed by choices of what to eat. These choices, coupled with the often indecipherable barrage of health claims and health warnings, can leave us emotionally and mentally drained. Christopher Gardner, a PhD nutrition scientist and associate professor of medicine from the Stanford Prevention Research Center, offers solutions and insights to your dietary conundrums with an engaging blend of scientific and humorous perspectives.
Speaker: Christopher Gardner, PhD


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