Voice of Disability

Telling Our Stories Through Art

The Chair

Heather Dever

For years Heather’s intense whole-body pain kept her from all unnecessary movement. Here she mourns the movement she was denied and explores the dizziness and vertigo she experienced instead.

Heather Dever is a very fat, straight, cis-gender, white woman. She is a widow with no children, and she lives with her mother and her cat in Livermore, CA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in math, and she worked in the math publishing industry for 12 years, mostly as an editor of math textbooks. In 2013 she went on disability for depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. She loves travel, making collages, and the truth for its own sake. Heather’s goal in life is to understand the universe. She uses her collages to explore her emotions and her life experiences and to question the world around her. Heather's artwork, all of which is analog—real paper, scissors, and glue —speaks to her 25+ years of becoming and being medicalized.

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