Mindfulness + Meditation Resources

Audio meditations from Health Journeys:

Guided imagery is a form of meditation that uses the mind to focus on positive images and thoughts, changing thinking patterns in order to promote well-being and relaxation. Through guided imagery and affirmations, you can use your mind as a complement to traditional medicine. It is a simple yet helpful tool for you to practice at your convenience.

Take 5 minutes for yourself:

5 Minute Centering Breath (by Andrew Weil)
Calming Body Scan (by Francoise Adan, MD)

Meditaciones guiadas:

Un Dia Lejos Del Estres (A Day Away from Stress) (by Jim Porter)
Bienestar Global (Spanish General Wellness) (by Belleruth Naparstek)

Guided meditations by Belleruth Naparstek:

Guided Meditation for Healthful Sleep
Guided Meditation To Help With Caregiver Stress
Guided Meditation to Support a Healthy Immune System
Meditation To Help You Stop Smoking
Guided Meditations to Relieve Stress
Meditation to Help Ease Pain
Guided Meditations to Help with Anxiety & Panic
Guided Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery
Meditation to Help You with Chemotherapy for Cancer
Meditation To Help You With Radiation Therapy

More mindfulness resources:

Guided Audio and Video (UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness)

Guided Meditations (UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center)


Greater Good Science Center

Self-Compassion Guided Meditations and Exercises (Kristin Neff)

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