Storytelling at SHC

Storytelling is the universal way of saying we’re in this together.

Storytelling is the most human thing we can do. By sharing our stories we reveal the experiences and emotions that bind us together. Stories remind us that we are not alone, and from that we can take hope. 

Since 2017, Stanford Health Care has been collaborating with the national nonprofit StoryCorps to bring friends, colleagues, and loved ones face-to-face for interviews about the things that matter most. Now, StoryCorps at Stanford Health Care is working to bring you together in a whole new way. Record an interview remotely…and share your story with our community and with future generations.

The Parkinson’s Story Exchange is an initiative that uses storytelling  to increase empathy between Parkinson’s researchers and people affected by the condition. Founder Johanna O'Day, a PhD candidate in Bioengineering at Stanford, records stories in collaboration with StoryCorps. Her work has been recognized by The Davis Finney Foundation and the Michael J Fox Foundation. 

Living with Cancer is a podcast featuring Paul Costello, Stanford Medicine’s Chief Communications Officer, in conversation with Stanford Health Care experts whose disciplines complement a patient’s cancer treatment.

By bringing awareness of these disciplines to patients and caregivers, it is our hope that they are more prepared to take an active role in their treatment.