Voice of Disability

Presented by Disabilities Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

The healthcare experience can be difficult for all, but patients with disabilities face additional complexities and challenges in navigating and accessing care. Through storytelling we aim to amplify the voices of patients with disabilities, bring awareness to these issues, foster community, and create change to address some of the many barriers. 

Sharing stories through art

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How can I share my story?

We encourage you to share your story in whatever way works best for you. That can be through writing a narrative, poetry, song, audio, photography, erasure poetry, painting, or any other form of art.

Brittany Postle is the Chair of the Disabilities Patient Family Advisory Council, as well as a student at UC Berkeley. She is a person with disabilities who believes everyone deserves access to education, health care, and to be treated with dignity and that none of these can be achieved unless problems are approached through an intersectional lens.

Peter Poullos, MD, is Associate Professor of Radiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Stanford University. He is a rising change agent in disability inclusion and has personally witnessed how the lived experience of disability can positively affect change in medical education. Having a severe disability, Pete is keenly interested in ensuring that medical education remains an equal opportunity profession.

Kelly Andersen is Co-Staff Advisor for the Disabilities PFAC and Revenue Cycle employee at Stanford Health Care. She is an advocate for individuals with disability, and believes in  providing excellent and equal medical care and treatment to all.