Stanford Health Care in partnership with StoryCorps

We need connection now more than ever. Stories provide the opportunity for us to acknowledge, learn from, and honor the voices of our communities. SHC is proud to partner with StoryCorps to amplify the voices of our community. 

"Suddenly it was like we were just two human beings in this room, going through this crazy thing together."

Kevin and Jason

"When I do these meditations...and they tell you to go to this wonderful place. It's with you."

Cindy and Larry

"It's just a great feeling to walk into these doors every day."


"The old body has to learn to be patient with itself."


Connie and Joanne

"I've finally come to realize that my pain doesn't just affect me. It affects people around us."

Mikaela and Michael 

"It's taught me how to slow down...and to prioritize and value what truly is meaningful."