StoryCorps at SHC: Joanne and Greg Bartlett

You taught me a lot in our 10 years of marriage, and I'm a lot better to this day because of you.

Joanne Bartlett (JB): The days that we found out I was diagnosed with cancer - I would use the word we - because I'm not just the one who was affected by cancer. All the family, especially you and the children, I just want to know what's going through your mind, and what are your feelings?

Greg Bartlett (GB): I take things day by day. And I try to be positive all the time. I can't sit around and think and mope because that depresses me. So keeping myself busy keeps my mind going. And I wish sometimes I could take the pain away from you. I don't like showing my emotions, 'cause sometimes when you show emotions, you could see the pain.

JB: You and me are exactly the opposite. I'm very emotional. And I'm very transparent. You can see it in my mood. And I'm just thankful that you are very patient with me.

GB: Well, you taught me how to be patient. You taught me a lot in our 10 years of marriage, and I'm a lot better to this day because of you. And then you fighting this cancer the last year and a half, I've learned a lot from you.

JB: You taught me how to be more positive. You make me strong, because knowing that you're there, takes the situation, the pain and the hopelessness - takes it away a bit. I've become more positive and I just want to thank you for all your sacrifices. You're always, always, always there for me. Waking up in the middle of the night, when I'm in so much pain. I can feel that hopelessness, but the mere fact knowing that you are there, I feel comfort. You never falter. And I am just so blessed.

GB: It is very important for me to always be by your side, and the kids, all of us, to help you and protect you and give you the warmth you needed through this time. And it amazes me how strong you are, because you fought a very hard battle and you won it and you're doing very well now. I will always support you for the rest of my life and I'm always there by your side to take care of you and that was my oath and our marriage. And I promise you that and I love you very much.

JB: I love you too.

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